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Weight Loss & Nutrition

Imagine being 100% confident, healthy and happy

Imagine having control over the food you eat

Imagine having no cravings and lots of energy

Imagine having healthy habits that are a lifestyle change for you and your family

Imagine not having to do days of cardio just to eat something delicious

Imagine no more dieting


About My Approach

Understanding the complexity of the body, our microbiome, female hormones, the importance of gut health along with metabolic flexibility can provide the valuable knowledge to achieve a lifestyle devoid of chronic illness, fatigue, cravings, fat gain and never ending yo yo dieting.
Taking a low carb approach and providing the body with the nutrition it is designed for, all of this and more can be achieved. 
Ultimately reaching and exceeding your goal of a healthy weight and feeling good about yourself in your clothes and own skin!


My Story

How I Began and Where I’m Headed

During my youth I was slim and athletic, playing sport , I was raised on a diet of coco pops, sandwiches, crisps and a home cooked evening meal of plenty of meat, veg and potatoes. Always a pudding!

By the time I reached my mid 30s and had my 3rd child I was obese, depressed, a smoker and had arthritis in my wrist from an accident.  Believing calories in, calories out and move more, I quit smoking, started cycling and bounced around the diet clubs. Regardless of the ‘moderation’ of foods I was allowed, I lost weight only to gain even more. I couldn’t walk by a bakery thinking ‘have I the points?’ followed by ‘f*** it, I'll start again tomorrow and ride first’. Because cardio gave me the excuse to eat more!

This wasn’t working.

In early 2015 another fad idea and I quit sugar…..but this was different and I fell into a low carb lifestyle. One which the family adopted. The changes were not just weight loss but I stopped taking meds for depression and arthritis, my children were focused and patient and my husbands diverticulosis basically disappeared. It didn’t end there! I didn’t think about the chocolate bars I previously consumed at night watching TV, I had absolutely no interest in the sweet stuff anymore!

I hit the books and research and slowly all the science was there and I could even make connections with family illnesses, thyroid, cancer, anxiety and more.

And that‘s is where it all began, I became a keto/fat adaption coach along with other health qualifications.  I wanted to find out even more, to help others realise that their diet really was their medicine and more!


Diets don’t work. Eat less move more fails us and calories in calories out is old. There is no one diet fits all and there are many factors, sleep, gut health, medications, stress, type of exercise and calories. We  live in a world of hyper palatable foods, designed to keep you wanting more, with ingredients you’ve never heard off, added vitamins and minerals because there aren’t any in the product to begin with and sugar….lots of sugar which has over 100 names. You have been led to food addictions and been told its all about motivation, as to why you are overweight.
Motivation, a word you are always hearing. You start a diet positively, as days go by you begin to feel hungry, deprived, looking at the Maltesers in the shop, desperately fighting your inner demons not to get them and then, like me. ‘F*** it’, I'll start again tomorrow.  Stuck in a loop of diet this week, I'll start it next, oh its my new years resolution…. Another fail, another time you let yourself down and fall into that emotion of self hate.
You regain weight and back you go, cutting calories and the cycle starts all over.
My goal is to educate you and give you enough guidance to understand it is not your fault and retain control over food. To understand the complexities of an individual diet and the importance of ingredients, calories, hormones and more. Applying this to yourself,  with other healthy habits to achieve your goals and more.




‘As well as dropping a dress size, I have noticed increased energy and a better sleep pattern. Natasha's support is second to none’


‘Today I had to remind myself to eat. I have lost the need to pick and nibble all day’


‘Natasha gives you a chance to give your habits a ‘re-think’. It’s a long term reprogram not a diet’




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